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Our Events Explained,

Covid 19: We are still running our good news events (with extended appointment intervals). Although we have decided to temporarily postpone the Black Diamond events due to high appointment volumes over a short time period.

Over the past 19 years, our business has revolved around dealership events, because of this complete focus on one core solution, you could say we are 100% competent in what we do. We offer an array of events, although we are best known for our 'In-house good news sales event'. 

Our events are fully managed by us, this means it will free your teams time to see the customers walking through the door after speaking to 'Esme' and making their appointment.


Unlike other companies we deal with all your customer calls and do not employ third parties to make/take your event calls. All of this is done with utmost professionalism and complete focus, not only to ensure you have a great result but to provide your customers with great experience.


Whilst Esme is booking your appointments you will have personal access to a 'live feed' of appointments being made on our Dealer Login page. Please see below for the events we can offer your business.

Good News Car Sales Event

This is an event that was at Experience-GB's core for 15 years, traditionally this was a 3 day event where one of our team would visit your dealership to prepare the mailer, train your team and then be with you for 2 days of inbound call handling.

The Good News event is now reformed and run over 5 days, due to recent events with Covid 19, we have the ability to spread appointments over a 1-4 week period, this ensures your customers and staff remain safe during social distancing precautions. Below you will see the changes and how we utilise this time in day order.

Day 1:

We organise your mailer at no extra cost, every letter has our personal touch; to achieve this every single letter to your customers is hand signed in blue ink. A full training session is then provided to your team. We can either invite you to our premises which has a board room capable of seating 16 staff or a conference call.

Day's 2-5:

Our experienced and trained team will take all the enquires for your event and appoint as many qualified appointments as we possibly can for the days we have pre-arranged with the dealership, each call takes between 7-12 minutes for clarity & qualification purposes, you can expect to receive 30-45 calls per day*. Inclusive of this you will see the 'live feed' on your personal dealer login page of all the stats from your programme.

The Black Diamond Event

Covid 19: Because the Black Diamond Event is set over 4 days we have decided to temporarily not take booking for the safety of dealerships and customers. Our Good News Event is still available.

Our brand new event which has been tested to ensure you get a healthy return on your investment with us. The Black Diamond Event is fully managed by us from the initial mailer design to confirming your event appointments and theming your showroom over a four day period, you can choose whether you would like your event from a Thursday - Sunday or Friday - Monday. Below you will see what is included with our black diamond event and what services you can expect to receive. 

- Personal/tailored design for your mailer.

- Postal costs covered by us.

- Event inbound and outbound call handling by our experienced event management team.

- Training and introduction for your team.

- Showroom themed and dressed by our showroom technicians. This includes draping, window signage, personal number plates, tunnel entrance with laser lights and twin flame effect lanterns, event themed forecourt flags, event themed entrance carpet, 'sorry I now belong to......' personalised number plates.

- Personal customer incentives every day for 'who can find the black diamond' supplied by us: Our incentive scheme is tailored for your area, for example when you book the Black Diamond Event we will look at local Restaurants and Spa's to ensure when a 'Black Diamond Prize' is found it is a memorable occasion.

- Personal customer contact to confirm qualification of appointments.

- Customer appointment confirmation in the way of exclusive pass managed by us.

To ensure the black diamond event runs smoothly and efficiently we ask dealerships to expect a 3 week lead time to arrange the event, so If the Black Diamond Event is something you feel your dealership would benefit from please call us to discuss.

Our Pricing:

Our events are one cost and include everything from printer ink to postage - we have always adopted a rule that the quality of an appointment will always outweigh the quantity. Because of this method we use, you can rest assure from the customers coming in, if the deal is good enough they will be placing an order.

Please get in contact for more details of price and availability.

*30-45 calls per day is based on the average event we have run over a 24 month period, this is also dependent upon postal delivery times and customer circumstances. We cannot guarantee you will recieve 30-45 calls every day, certain days are busier than others.

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