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Covid 19 Update

A time which has rocked our world to it's foundations. From here we need to create a unity among dealers across the world and install confidence back in customers that they are safe.

We know that the likes of our Black Diamond Event, VIP and Golden Ticket promotion will not be the way forward at this stage. Social distancing and the general confidence of the customers as well as the staff will not be adequate at this time.

Our Good News bounce back event will be a unique way we can share your social distancing measures with your customers whilst creating safe leads for your sales team . Unlike VIP events, we can spread good news appointments/leads over a 2 week period, this means you get as many leads as a 4 day event - although in more manageable and safe quantities. Our strength has always been telephone communication and we feel this is a suitable time to share that with dealerships and their customers across the UK.

Our strength has always been telephone communication and we appreciate that the dealers we work with will want certain messages to be passed across to their customers, explaining all they are doing to make sure all the guidelines and procedures are in place to make their environment a safe one. Also assuring their customers the experience of buying another car will be as enjoyable as always. Taking that into consideration and with a combined experience of over a 100 years working within the industry and nearly 20 of those doing what we do now, we have come to know that one of the biggest reasons for our success has been the trust we have developed with our clients, namely the franchises and dealerships across the world.

through our expertise we know we can create a great deal of ‘safe’ telephone conversations with your customers, qualifying them as before but also installing any additional messages you may what them to hear. Making sure the qualified appointments we make are arranged in a manner agreeable with the dealers which can then be handled safely and reasonable due to numbers.

To all the people and dealerships we have worked with before and those new to us, we welcome you back to the new normal (at least for the time being) and promise you a safe environment to work with.

Call us now for a chat to see how we can help you get your customers back!

01234 604005

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