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About Esme Solutions

Efficient, strategic, marketing events (ESME)

Esme Solutions Ltd was established in 2016 by Experience-GB, renowned for developing and hosting the traditional 'Good News' event for dealerships in the UK, America, South Africa and Australia. 


After ever increasing changes within the motor industry it was crucial we adopted fresh methods of gaining qualified appointments along with customer retention, then offer a new and improved service to dealerships.


With Experience-GB's  knowledge and 'Esme's' proficiency we have formed an event which has been trialed and tested for you to get the very best results and a healthy return on investment as proven by our testimonials.


Each one of our team has worked closely with many different franchises, from small dealerships to larger PLC companies. So you will have confidence knowing we can relate to your business and the demand that it can bring.

We are always transparent in our approach and the information we provide, so if you are unsure whether an event with Esme Solutions would be right for your dealership, get in contact with us for advice and expertise from a company who has a wealth of knowledge running marketing campaigns/events.​


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