The Franchise is irrelevant to the success our events create, the process we use has worked countless times throughout the UK with Multiple Manufacturers, something we continue to excel at. This year we have averaged a 61% Conversion from Appointments to Deals at dealers we have worked alongside, so we must be doing something right! Below are just a few groups we have worked with along the way and what they are saying about us.

Maranello Ferrari

" As with all so called 'marketing' programmes I have always had a great deal of scepticism. But in the present climate of the motor industry and after speaking to a colleague that had worked with the Esme team and achieved some excellent result with their Good News programme and Jaguar, I decided to give there Director a call.

I knew the results they had achieved with other franchises so I asked them one simple question: "Would this work with Ferrari and Maserati?"

I was assured by there Directors, that it would and explained why.

We sent only 390 Good News letters out on the 8th and sure enough (true to there word) the enquires started to come flooding in the very next day! By the end of that week Esme had already taken 90 calls from our customers (That's 23% response in just 5 days!)

I can only say my scepticism has completely gone and I am very pleased with the results.

I am sure we will be running the programme again next year."

Jon Morgan - General Sales Manager


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