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Increasing sales is easier together, 

Since 2003 we have ran over 4,000 car sales events with 29 franchised dealers across the World. 


Esme Solutions partnered with Experience GB in 2016 and has created a new and improved way of hosting our core event; 'The Good News Event'. We believe our attention to detail is paramount to the success of our events.


Whether you are an independent dealership or large multi franchised group, we are confident we can help reach your targets and bring a fresh approach to a car sales event.

Benefits of our Events:

Our Servuces

We are relentless in training our team on new launches and product information

Group Bookings

Group booking discounts are available for 4+ dealerships (subject to availability)

Call Handling

Our experienced team take calls, enabling your team to focus on 'face to face'. We will never outsource 3rd party 'call centres'


A simple solution: No hidden fees, our events are one cost - this includes postage for mailers.

Dealer Login/Diary

When running a event with us, you will see real time stats and appointments. We work the appointment intervals around you.

A&R by the FCA

We will never go through personal details with your customers. Although its reassuring for dealers to know their renewal customers are never overpromised

Drayton Motors Kia

“I have done the Good News event 5 times now and each time I am amazed at the result.
It truly has to be seen to be believed. The professionalism and enthusiasm of your team is second to none and they massively drive the result.
Last time round we did 9 deals in the first 24 hours (virtually unheard of I’m told!) and that set the tone for the next week! We are going into March with our New Car targets already done, the Good News event responsible for around 40% of our achievement. Another great job and can’t wait for the next one."

- Mr Gareth Grasham, General Sales Manager

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